Redspective Printed T-shirts
Redspective Printed T-shirts

Recipe for something tasty:

1 Bucket of artist expression
1 Handful of labels we love
1 Tablespoon of eastern flavouring
2 Pinches of a Red past
Bake briskly at high temperatures, and set to cool in the centre of Berlin St Petersburg

Redspective takes images from urban-artists, stencil-ists, cartoonists, illustrators, sketchers, poets and painters from all over East Europe. From our dark, deep little studio we stir the pot of techniques and offer a collection of hand-printed tee's and unique special editions. In our shop and gallery we extend our arms to independent designers, and urban fine-art.

In 2011 Redspective moved base to St Petersburg, and is now exploring the true East from the far north.

What is your perspective?

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